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Artist Call for

Spring Blooming Show 2020

Please submit your art works for Kamakura Spring Blooming show 2020.

We will pick 15 beautiful art works and exhibit in our Kamakura Gallery.Please refer to the schedule for each Exhibiton.

Kamakura is a famous historical city and  located one hour south of Tokyo station. First samurai government was established in Kamakura 1192 and head coater of Zen temple are just around a corner of our gallery. Reason why over 20Million peoples visit Kamakura every year and they enjoy Japanese culture and seasonal flower with temples and shrines. 

Space is limited but if your artworks fit to our requirement, we will announce on website.

● Show Exhibiting Schedule

March 26th, 2020~ April 13th 2020

● Age 18 or over, anybody can submit 1 or 2 artworks per person

● Location:

Artisans Kita-Kamakura

184-3-C Yamanouchi Kamakura Kanagawa Japan 247-0062

● All medium of 2D works are accept except  photo

● No limitation for subject but we are located on the between temples and many family visiting so nude will be rejected in case.

● No larger than 61cm x 76cm (24" x 30")

● Original art works only by artist 

●   It doesn't matter when and where you were painted.

● End of Call March 14th 2020 5:00pm on Time Zone in Japan


How to submit

1) Please use following submission form

2) Email with photo to

3) Pay Entry Fee

Entry fee will not refundable

¥3,300 for 1 art work

¥4,950 for 2 art works

*** Japanese sales tax is included on service fee and tax rate will be change 8% to 10% after Oct. 1st 2019.

We will send you an invoice to your email address after we receive your submission form. You may pay by credit card. 

If you can read Japanese, please pay from online store at「春らんまん展2020」

Submit Artworks

Digital files should be saved in universal .jpeg format and should be between 1400 pixels and 4000 pixels longest dimension at 300PPI (pixels per inch).

·        Art work must be original and created from conception to completion by the artist. Two dimensional such as oil, acrylic, water, pastel, mixed media, etc. but no photography.

·        Maximum size of the art excluding frame shall not exceed 61 cm x 76 cm (24 in x 30 in)

Please name your photo file to 

your last name.first name. title. 01 or 02

Example for Steve Smith

Art #1:Smith.Steve.train.01.jpeg

Art#2:Smith.Steve.Ocean Terrace.02.jpeg


Gallery commission for sale will be 30%. Artist receive 70% of sale price.All entry must be for sale. Not for Sale is not acceptable.

Acceptance Notification

Acceptance will be announcing by Email and web site on March 16th 2020.

Art accepted for the exhibit


Upon receipt of the accepted paintings at the exhibit location, Gallery retain the right to refuse to display and/or allow award judging due to: technical inaccuracy, misrepresentation, inadequate framing(no larger than 4" each side include mat), or damage from improper packaging.


✔FRAMING: Gallery quality frames and finished edge gallery wrap are acceptable

✔We recommend you to use Strong Boxes from Airfloat Systems or similar shipping container can also be accepted.  All art received and displayed will not be returned until after the exhibit has closed.

✔Selected paintings will be showcased on Artisans Kita-Kamakura website, blog and social media. 

✔If your accepted art work will not sending, please notify within 3 days from acceptance and if no notification, gallery may ask for commission.



All entries must be for sale. Paintings of all price ranges are accepted. Entrants price their work and should closely represent the established market value of the artist’s work.  The price entered on the application form will be the price for the duration of the exhibit. 



Every reasonable care will be exercised with all artwork.  The Gallery, and any other organization or individual connected with the exhibition will not be responsible for loss or damage of artwork while in transit. By entering this exhibit, the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions of the prospectus.



The artist will receive 70% of the selling price and 30% to the hosting gallery.



Once your art is accepted into the Exhibition, please follow the shipping instructions carefully. Full shipping instructions will be provided with acceptance letters. All shipping charges to and from the Gallery are the responsibility of the artist.  We recommend insuring your work before shipping. 



*Shipping Method : Round-trip (Artist cost)

*In the case of COD,It will be an additional charge.

After the show, We will ship back with the same container that artist used for shipping. we recommend professional box such as master pack or similar. Return shipping cost must be deposit before shipping back. If you need estimate of the cost, please ask then we will be announced.

Out of Country artists please check all shipping restrictions and custom regulations before entering this exhibit. All Duties and Taxes must be paid by the artist. Gallery will not pay any shipping cost. Japanese government might charge 8%(10% from October 1st,2019)of sales tax without sale but bring in to the country.


For Liability

Every reasonable care will be exercised with all artwork.  The Gallery and individual connected with the exhibition will not be responsible for loss or damage of artwork while in transit. By entering this exhibit, the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions of the prospectus.

Insurance limitation at the gallery will be under the artist selling price and gallery will not pay any more than insurance coverage. Shipping insurance have to pay by artists.


Reception and Award Announcement

April 11th 2020 5PM to 7PM

We will invite artists and collectors to gallery. 

We will be announce Best of the show and Peoples Choice from last two weeks of visitors and SNS counters.

About Copyright 

All copy rights belong to the artists.
However, it does not apply to photography by galleries, use for images / printed matter / advertisement.

Please understand before entry and acknowledgment.

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