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ハーメルンの笛吹男と旧市街地 - 東山一勇気

ハーメルンの笛吹男と旧市街地 - 東山一勇気


The Pied Piper of Hamel and the Old Town  - paper cutting by Kazuyuki Higashiyama





Hameln is a city with a high international reputation in the legend of the Grimms' Fairy Tales "Pied Piper of Hameln". Centered around the Pied Piper of Hamel, the richly decorated half-timbered and stone Renaissance buildings of the old town were finished in black and white.



●作家名:東山一勇気 作家の紹介を見る



●絵サイズ:30 x 40 ㎝

●額外寸:56.5 x 44.2 ㎝ (半切)


日本国内送料無料。諸外国への送料は額無しで¥20,000 別途お支払い頂きます。


Free shipping for nation Japan. All other country will be charge¥20,000 separately without frame. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.


oil painting , landscape: The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Old Town of Hamelin ,mixed media ,Paper Cutting, kirie

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