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晩秋 - 槙達弘

晩秋 - 槙達弘


Late Autumn - oil painting by Tatsuhiro Maki 



I painted scene of deepening autumn in my own way.






●絵サイズ:30 x 89 cm

●額外サイズ:37 x 96cm



Free shipping for nation Japan , All other country charge ¥20,000separately. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid by buyer.


油彩画,  楽園, パラダイス, 絵を画く, 好きな時間に画く, 槙達弘, Paradise ,Draw a picture, favorite time,  Tatsuhiro Maki, oil painting, Japanese art, interior deco


  • 取り扱い上の注意 Attention


    Since natural materials are used for the painting materials, it may discolor due to direct sunlight, or it may cause distortion or mold due to high temperature and humidity. Please be careful when storing.

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