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月下妖桜 - 村中達也

月下妖桜 - 村中達也




Cherry blossoms under the moon light Acrylic painting by Tatsuya Muranaka

Weeping cherry blossoms shining in the moonlight and bewitching, and Spica of Virgo and Antares of Scorpio shining in the night sky at this time are added.






●絵サイズ:F8 (45.4×37.9 ㎝)

●額外サイズ:58×51 ㎝



Free shipping for nation Japan, Out of country is not available now.


月光, しだれ桜, おとめ座, スピカ, さそり座, アンタレス, アクリル画, Moonlight, weeping cherry tree, Virgo, Spica, Scorpio, Antares, acrylic painting

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