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Dusk Haze Hunk(黄昏 もや 塊)- 石川詠士

Dusk Haze Hunk(黄昏 もや 塊)- 石川詠士



Dusk Haze Hunk - mixed media by Eiji Ishikawa



Basically, it is an abstract painting, expressing a wabi-sabi-like atmosphere. Works using acrylic paint, modeling paste, sand, etc. I draw in a state that is almost automatic, using my subconscious mind, and give titles that come to mind from the finished images.



●作品名:Dusk Haze Hunk (黄昏 もや 塊)










Free shipping for nation Japan, additional ¥6,000 for out of country without frame. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.



  • 取扱上注意について



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