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秋谷海岸 -  清田晴美

秋谷海岸 -  清田晴美

SKU: HFP-OPCB051624017


Akiya Beach - oil painting by Harumi Kiyota








2021年東京都美術館で行われた国際現代美術家協会(International Modern Artist Association)での入選作品です。


Akiya Beach - oil painting by Harumi Kiyota


It's sunset at Akiya Beach, located in Yokosuka City, a little south of Hayama.

It depicts the calmness of the sea before sunset and the dynamism of the last sunset as we regret today.


It is made up of 6 colors with the intention of displaying it in your room.

It's an inverted concept that goes perfectly with white walls and rooms coordinated with these colors. We will color coordinate based on the color of your room.


This is a winning work at the International Modern Artist Association held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2021.




●作家名:清田晴美 作家の詳細を見る


●画寸:40.7x50.8cm (16"x20")





Free shipping for nation Japan. All other country also free shipping without frame. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.


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